Why Choose Us

People.. Process.. Technology..

“We take the hassle out of hiring so you can focus as what your company does best“


At Ayagan, our people are our number on resource and our avenue to supporting our clients needs. We value the relations that we create and understand that in the people business we must provide top notch “best in class” services  and foster that growth by our company mandated SLAs on ho we engage with our consultants and contractors. We have state of the art benefits and created touch points to build rapport with these consultants and treat them as if we are partnering with them on their careers and opportunity.

Ayagan offers Career Advancement, Benefits, Holiday pay, Vacation Pay, open communication, and open door policy to Human Resources. It is our position that we want to build the best candidate referral system in the industry by providing our consultants with a state of the art experience working with Ayagan and an employer of choice.


Over the last 10 years we have set our standards of service extremely high. We have a stop gap process in which all of our teams are trained on. We are no resume pusher but a solution for quality candidates at competitive rates. We know our clients are looking for us to take the sweat out of looking for the right candidate. Our process is one of our key differentiators and one that we continue to evaluate and change based on our clients needs and outcomes. Having a well oiled machine for us here at Ayagan is one is key for our success and our clients. Our Teams are client specific with all chem and balances managed in real time for our leadership to validate and make sure we are 100% complaint and providing the best solutions. To date we have not failed any audits.


Our companies investment into technology and people has allowed us to be a prime supplier for our clients and their clients while providing fast speed to market without sacrificing quality on a daily basis, at a low cost. We delivery exceptional candidates and service based on technology that we have invested in and relationships that state of art technology technology allows us to manage. We have access to a proprietary AI system that allows us to locate passive candidates by market place, experience, education, and support our diversity initiatives. We continue to look at and test new technologies that will enable Ayagan to provide excellent candidates and fast and prime solutions for our clients.