Application Development


The automation of boring repetitive tasks is the most significant benefit of Ayagan’s application development services. Unique data is drawn and converted into formats based on the client’s demand. Data has to flow seamlessly between varied systems in order to govern credible business processes. Having a custom application is the shortcut to automating the process. 


Ayagan offers a number of custom-made technology solutions that help the client deal with unconventional business bottlenecks, bring about an evolution in applications, further making them dynamic platforms whilst also improving upon current infrastructure.


We put the whole application under trial to ensure there’s an improvement in the quality of your applications while saving development time, optimizing ROI and bringing down costs.


Our experts deploy all the processes involved in getting the application running properly in its environment including installation, configuration, and making necessary changes.

Strong Points

An improved end-user experience

  • Results in a productive business
  • Maintenance isn’t a hassle
  • Customised automated workflows address exhaustive processes
  • Ensures the functioning of the application is safe and secure

Ayagan lists out what the clients’ business requirements are, and studies where the shortfalls are rooting from in the current processes. Some factors are taken into consideration, like software ownership and maintenance and technology cost. This becomes the basis of our product/service delivery plan and relationship with the client. 

Once the estimation is through, an introduction to a number of custom-designed software solutions is done to tackle the client’s business challengers, enhance current infrastructure and revamp current application into dynamic platforms

Setting up milestones to measure progress and weighing up projects costs and timeless is what we do best. 

We come up with an action plan that comprises software building, optimization and implementation when we tackle the client’s objectives and budget. 

After the wraps are off the final product, a number of performance specifications are measured to identify problems and correct them. 

We offer a slew of software application development services that include customisation, transition, implementation and enhancement with support from renowned software platforms, like SAP and JDEdwards. 

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