About us

We began our journey in 2018, which paved the way for our most comprehensive model since. There has been huge growth potential, with over 100 recruiters comprising our on-shore/off-shore model. At Ayagan, we provide nurtured aptitude to our client base, ensuring the best quality of services possible whilst having a cost savings model for the client. 

Ayagan offers its services to a lot of Fortune 500 brands and MSPs in Canada, India and the United States. Our target is to broaden our horizons to promote human connections that give way for scope for our employees and develop the core competencies in the clients we’re targeting. As a technology-based company, driven by human talent and technology, it is our responsibility to provide a complete workforce solution to our clients. We believe that the human touch of the client is the key to our ethics and values of our company. Three attributes make us what we are: Commitment, Responsible and Creating an effective environment. 

Our brand has shaped a good relationship with leading companies in the country, directly and indirectly, like ACRO, Pontoon, NextSource, Tapfin etc. Ayagan has served these companies for a long time now, providing brilliance in the Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT, Energy and Telecom industries, among various other verticals.