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Ayagan provides a tailor-made strategy that aligns with your business to discover the right technology and resources for addressing your business challenges.

Application Development

The automation of boring repetitive tasks is the most significant benefit of Ayagan’s application development services. Unique data is drawn and converted into formats based on the client’s demand. Data has to flow seamlessly between varied systems in order to govern credible business processes. Having a custom application is the shortcut to automating the process. 

Application Management

The maintenance of IT business hardware and software, in today’s generation, is more of a dire necessity. The maintenance of an application demands an understanding of growth potential, direction and the daily needs of a company. If maintained consistently, the immediate result is an up-tick in efficiency and a considerable drop in operational costs to customers/vendors etc. 

infrstructure management

Our infrastructure management solutions ensure transformation of your IT to help in business innovation and growth. Creating transparency in your business by optimising infrastructure can result in smooth functioning of IT at lowered costs.

Cloud Services

Cloud serves as a hugely competitive benefit as it lets you outsource all the tedious tasks, and look at your business as a priority. Cloud is the evolution of the data center, and there are no two ways about it. Ayagan has a team of professionals that handle applications and services via the configuration portal. With this type of services, you can offer a lot of computing resources in a brief period of time – and with this, you won’t have to invest in hardware and software.

Testing Services

We acknowledge your needs as a client to have faster and cost-effective solutions to run your business. Ayagan offers a perfect blend of technical know-how, modern technology and business process knowledge to deliver a scalable system that fits the current and future needs, thanks to great quality culture and process maturity. 

Cyber Security

Cyber risks are not easy to deal with anymore, and no matter the magnitude of a business or a company, there’s always room for a cyber attack. Cyber security may be on the rise, but there are businesses finding it difficult to look for the talent they require to secure themselves. However, a full-time cyber security system won’t be needed as far as Ayagan is concerned, since we manage them ourselves, for you.

Governance, Risk

Carrying out appropriate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework lets organisations identify the correct method that contributes to process efficiency, enhanced risk management and internal controls. 

Resource Augmentation (1)

Ayagan’s Resource Augmentation Services provide a professional workforce and other resources in your company. A database of all professionals is maintained in your organisation. We are among India’s best when it comes to resource augmentation, since we offer a wide range of services globally. Our goal is to boost an organisation’s workforce with the services we provide. 

Risk Advisory Services

External and internal environments witness evolution every day, and this means businesses are under pressure to sustain the effectiveness of their controls and processes. The organisation could take an impact if there is any failure in execution or management of important operations. Even the organisation’s stakeholder values take a blow. With corporations collapsing, the major focus is from financial institutions and independent directors as well.  

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